Train to Kuznechnoe (I never thought that the train can be so full of people), from the station for a hundred rubles a taxi to the boat station, driveway to one side of a boat to some island costs 500 rubles.

Islands of Ladoga

Map of the islands (2.2 Mb) high resolutiona without our route — if somebody will print it. In general, topographic maps take on

At the boatyard can rent a boat with oars. But you need to come on Thursday - Friday evening had nothing to rent taking. On a boat driven without lifejackets (well. .. so we drove), red entries to the driver does not wear seat (if facemask, that if he fell off the boat, pull the wiring and the engine stalls; Well, the boat will not float away). Ie transport safety in general no.

On the islands as usual - stones, moss, pine - beautiful.

Ладожские острова

Parking cooked: hearth, built of stones, spears for bowlers, places for tents, convenient approaches to water.

View of the island Dvuhgorby (link as usual big picture).


Samovar stoked for days. Very handy thing in the campaign. Moving of the samovar is uncomfortable.


It was fun.




Миша с Аней

Boat station called "Silver". Phone +7-921-598-15-89, Valery (well, at least it is not safe, but we need to all still somehow move to these islands; it's worth it, yes; probably).

Comment (June 13, 2011)

Just returned from another trip. Add about phones taxi from the boat station to the Forge: "Blacksmithing Taxi Express" +7-981-809-00-60, +7-931-304-10-66, +7-962-682-83-71. Cheap (relatively bombed that Kuznechny) and drove two cars at the same time, since we are not all one climbed. And there's some expensive phone (but do not say that quality) taxi: +7-903-096-87-03.