On Friday, July 12, when we had already been collected backpacks to go to the festival, there became postapat fragmentary information that the event was banned and kicked out of the woods.

At the last moment it was found out that the organizers and the local authorities have different understandings concept of reconciliation. Ultimately, the event still banned. No festival and there was no music. Any initiatives thwarted by police.

Organizers promised to return the money for the tickets.

We met with the Reanimatolog, moved aside from the festival, set up tents on the shore of the lake.

I was very impressed with the Reanimatolog's gear: lightweight tent, usb adapter and network 220 Laptop charging from solar panels, compact and efficient gas burner with pans.

For example, this beautiful torch: MSR Reactor Stove System.

Some photos of Duck Andrey in the sunset.

Well, moss, where the same without him.