When you look at a map of the city, it is difficult to believe that this is a whole coutry (with the border guards, customs, army).

Subway is comfortable choise to move around.

There is touchscreen in tickets machines. Choose a metro station, and machine prints the price of this particular trip. You can pay by cash or card.

If the ticket would be printed on another side with my specific route, it would be ideal.

The trains are very cold - air conditioners operate hardly. There is scheme with indication above the doors. I have seen such indication in other cities, but compex, with several lines, is the first time here.

Bus stop: buses behind sliding doors - all gassed outside; there is marked path to the door for the people queue.

At stops advertise smartphone applications that allow movement of the transport plan. I think it makes sense to take care of before you travel. We didn't, and spent a lot of time to find out how to get there or here.

MyTransport Singapore

MyTransport Singapore — app by the Land Transport Authority.

Maps With Me Pro

Maps With Me Pro — offline map with maps from Open Street Maps. It paid version makes sense to use as it allows you to search for street names.

After five months of rural Thai life very impressive megapolis life.

City night view.

The city has many trees. Generally, when I read about and listened to stories of Singapore acquaintances, it seemed that there generally trees more than buildings. For the city center it was not so. Although it should be noted that here in the center trees much more than, for example, in the center of St. Petersburg.

Sleeping areas buried in foliage.

Not felt gassed city. It seems that the air is clean.

Information stand on the street with the plan future city area.

Japanese restaurant, where meals are moving past you on the tape. Different color cymbals - different price. You sit by you swims food picks as interesting that will pass. Very unusual, and not quite the budget (especially when hungry-hungry you get here) - wait, then do not order food so she immediately.

Visiting the bird park — Jurong Bird Park —, make sure that the ducks contain dignity.

Flights and accommodation

Fly from Singapore to St Petersburg cheapest by Uzbek. Via Tashkent. But they only have one flight on Wednesdays. We did not get to it. So we get back road through Hong Kong and Moscow (approximately the same cost, but twice in duration).

Housed in the so-called "capsule hotel" ABC Hostel. Very cheap against other options. Quite an unusual experience. Say, in St. Petersburg too soon there will be such a hotel.

Interesting fact

In Singapore, chewing gum is not sold. Apparently, it is simpetrichny answer for Thailand, where there is no sexshops.

And about the weather

From morning till two or three o'clock in the afternoon is sunny and hot. Then accumulates a big, big cloud (sometimes with a storm) and pours the rain with such pressure, which in my house of the soul is not. Watering a lot. No rain in the evening, but sometimes a little drizzles .