Today I would like to tell you about the post office in the small town of Pai in northern Thailand. Gas station is good to illustrate the surrounging infrastructure.

Автозаправочная станция на севере Таиленда

It works as follows. Below is the usual barrel. "Operator" turns the handle - the barrels of gasoline pumped these containers with subdivisions. After this hose is inserted into the fuel tank, turning the tap, benz poured into the tank. Civilization!

Well actually I'm exaggerating a bit. There is also regular refueling, with refueling convenience stores and cafes in the area

Returning to the post-office.

Here is the post office building.

PO boxes are outside.

Inside organized unusual "electronic" place. This card numbers and ordinary TV showing the order number. Terrific solution in terms of relationship quality and price implementation and support.

All have enough seats to wait their turn.

Электронная очередь в почтовом отделении

Электронная очередь в почтовом отделении

All envelopes and boxes for parcels freely lie right in the hall. Can take, treat, try.

Staff speaks in English. Inferior, but more than enough to clarify all issues relating to the departure. My parcel. About seven kilograms (to avoid paying for an advantage in airplane, we collected all the heaviest).

Operator narisala two costs: for air shipment and sent by sea.

Everything is very polite. The staff take part. Visiting such post office is delighted. Thus somewhere inside there is an understanding that this is a strange delight, as it should look like and mail. In Russia there is no such post-offices, so it is very unusual for me.

Near the main building another small and lovingly decorated - toilet. Free, of course.

Free wifi at the post office for a long time anyone used (question is mainly for Russian people)? Here it is, and it's really convenient - to look someone's address in social networks.

Last year I sent from Samui bamboo torches. Overall parcel of seven kilograms. It was shipping for two months. Samui post office is almost as pleasant to visit. Stuff helped to pack. Carefully treated. In St. Petersburg, this package was pulled from a warehouse, dragging on the floor in a big dirty bag.

Postcard to a nearby Thai city came three days. Half of the cards in Russia was shipping for two months, the other half did not come att all.